Mandarin Search: fu4

𧌓 a grasshopper, locust
place; KangXi radical 170
obituary; give notice of death
fall forward; lie prostrate, prone; servant
father; KangXi radical 88
give, deliver, pay, hand over; entrust
married women; woman; wife
load, burden; carry, bear
name of a place in today's Jiangsu Province Yixing county, to float; to waft; to swim
to concede or submit willingly
mound; abundant, ample, numerous
qìan (non-classical form of 跛)lame; crippled
pǒu adhere to, append; rely on near to
extra horse; imperial son-in-law
instruct, order
mound; used in place names
clothes; wear, dress
return; repeat; repeatedly
calyx of flower; railing raft
whirlpool, undercurrent
obituary; give notice of death
load, burden; carry, bear
go to; attend, be present
(same as 赴) to go to; to attend (same as 踣) to stumble and fall prone, stiff in death
to do something in an old way; use the old method; to go to the old road
worship one's ancestors; entomb
hái white stone
hài xìe (same as 罦) a kind of net equipted with tricky machine used to catch birds and beasts, a covering for a cart
anger; passion; rage, to wait, to cheat; to swindle
fèi flower; small; little; lush
hunchbacked; curved spine, short, dropsy
assist; supplement; assistant
lùo flying
married women; woman; wife
póu bào pǒu to extract; injure
abundant, ample; rich, wealthy
to reach; to arrive, to lie flat, stiff
tutor, teacher; assist; surname
to wear clothes
fòu return; repeat; repeatedly
abundant, ample; rich, wealthy
caverns; a grotto, a cellar, a cave-dwelling, to make a cave -- for dwelling
dòu thriving; flourishing
a grasshopper, locust
tax; give; endow; army; diffuse
to bite the hard and solid food
stomach, belly, abdomen; inside
to increase; to profit; to augment, artful; clever; skillful, chips (in gambling, etc.), a number (for identification), abundant; rich; exuberant; flourishing; prosperous
carp, carassicus auratus
(same as 餺) a kind of cooked noodle
gift of money help pay funeral
happiness, good fortune, blessing
a stallion; a male horse
(said of wild beasts) the hair stands up, walk with one's hair hang down, hairy, hair
extra horse; imperial son-in-law
to bestow; to give, natural endowment or gifts, tax; revenue, to spread; to diffuse, to compose or sing, one of the Chinese literary forms akin to poetry
to cover; to put a cover over something, name of a mountain
(corrupted and non-classical form) to reach; to arrive, (same as 仆) to fall; to prostrate
to have; to be present; to exist; there is
tax; give; endow; army; diffuse
pán píng turbulent (said of water)
venomous snake, viper
(same as 幅) breadth of material (cloth or paper, etc.)
repeat, double, overlap
two pieces of wood underneath a cart
baby rabbit
carp, carassicus auratus
gift of money help pay funeral
fully laden of a boat, name of a ship
special pattern of embroidery
(same as 馥) fragrance; aroma
(same as 副) to assist, secondary (in importance), rich and dense
fragrance, scent, aroma
cover, hide, conceal; shelter
(variant of 葍) name of a variety of grass; perennial; creeping plants
cover; tip over; return; reply
name of a ship, fully load of a boat
(same as 駙) extra horse harnessed by the side of the team, swift
(same as 蛗) grasshoppers
spilt water, to pour out water