Mandarin Search: gong1

gōng bow; curved, arched; KangXi radical number 57
gōng labor, work; worker, laborer
gōng fair, equitable; public; duke
gōng the fore-arm; most Chinese-English dictionaries give the upper-arm; round
gōng achievement, merit, good result
gòng gōng together with, all, total; to share
hóng hōng gōng red, vermillion; blush, flush
gōng attack, assault; criticize
gōng forearm
gōng gòng supply, provide for; offer in worship
hóng gōng jìang red, vermillion; blush, flush
gōng palace
gōng respectful, polite, reverent
gōng palace, temple, dwelling, enclose
gōng zhōng centipede
gōng body; personally, in person
gōng give, present; reverential
gāng gōng tire of wheel; band
gōng a cup made of horn obstinate
gōng hóng the nautilus
gōng body; self
gōng lǒng the name of bamboo hat
gōng a cup made of rhinoceros horn
gōng give, present; reverential