Mandarin Search: gu1

merchant; estimate, guess, presume
gūa wail, crying of child; swear at
mumble, mutter, murmur; rumble
father's sister; husband's mother
orphan, fatherless; solitary
buy and sell; inferior in quality
a river in Hubei province
species of Taiwan pigeon
cobalt; household iron
bone; skeleton; frame, framework
large fishing net
jīa jie house, home, residence; family
gāo háo the high land along a river
bulrush, Zizania latifolia
hùo bottle gourd; calabash; pot
mole cricket
to deal in spirits
crime, criminal offense
jug, winecup, goblet; square
cobalt; household iron cobaltum
chronic disease
wild rice; Zizania latifolia
hoop; bind, surround
follicles of plants
species of Taiwan pigeon
hub of wheel