Mandarin Search: gu4

merchant; estimate, guess, presume
to become solid, solidify; strength
ancient, old; reason, because
(same as 痼) chronic disease, a sore in the mouth of a child
look back; look at; look after
dried up; exhausted, tired; dry
name of a county in Han dynasty; today's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region; southeast of Baotou county
júe handcuffs, manacles, fetters
dam, dike; used in place names
employ, to hire
run metal into cracks; confine
to care for, to look after to regard; to turn the head round to look
cobalt; household iron cobaltum
chronic disease
a kind of tool used to get fish
pieces of wood
name of a variety of grass
employ, hire
gùang kòu unburnt bricks; tiles; eathenware, etc.
run metal into cracks; confine
fish guts
fish guts
look back; look at; look after
the process to whiten the ivory or elephant tusk, sound of gnaw