Mandarin Search: guo3

gǔo lǔo fruit; result
gǔo not straight, improper
gǔo cakes, biscuits, pastry
gǔo lǔo monkey
gǔo outer-coffin; vault
gǔo wrap, bind; encircle, confine
gǔo lǔo the solitary wasp
gǔo fruits, nuts, berries
粿 gǔo rice cake
gǔo gūo hùa hùi grease pot hung under axle of cart
gǔo outer-coffin
gūa lúo gǔo a snail, Eulota callizoma
gǔo kǔa ingot; acrobatic move
gūo gǔo cooking-pot, saucepan
gǔo cakes, biscuits, pastry
gǔo cakes; biscuits; pastry, distiller's grains or yeast, (interchangeable 稞) grains ready for grinding; healthy grains, flour, (same as ) use the whole piece of barley to ferment for brewing
lǔo lúo gǔo the solitary wasp
gǔo lǔo (non-classical form of 裹) to wrap or bind