Mandarin Search: hai4

𠀅 hài an alternate form of
hài 12th terrestrial branch
cán hài shàn (same as 殘) to destroy; to injure; to damage; to spoil, cruel and fierce, crippled
hài terrify, frighten, scare; shock
hài sorrowful, anxious
hài to move; to shake; to rock; to excite, to decrease; to reduce; to diminish; to subtract; to deduct, to shoulder; to take upon on oneself
hài fluorine
hài xìe (same as 罦) a kind of net equipted with tricky machine used to catch birds and beasts, a covering for a cart
hài injure, harm; destroy, kill
hài rǎn xìe name of a god
hài alas!
gāi ài hài kǎi blocked or separated; to prevent
hài wèi a kind of beast, a legendary monster
hài tainted food
hài terrify, frighten, scare; shock
hài mái intelligent; astute; clever