Mandarin Search: hao2

hào háo mark, sign; symbol; number
háo (corrupted form of 囂) looks big outside but empty inside, to yell; voice of anger, hubbub; clamour
xiāo háo voice of anger vast, spacious
háo hairy and poisonous caterpillars
gāo háo the high land along a river
hào háo mark, sign; symbol; number
háo fine hair; measure of length
háo badger; raccoon dog
háo roar, call out, wail; bark, yelp
háo brave, heroic, chivalrous
háo the roaring of wild beasts; to howl, to wail, to bawl
háo xìa to intimidate
háo roar; cry
háo to defy; to disobey; to disregard, to contradict, perverse; recalcitrant; irregular; abnormal
háo a mountain paths (same as 崤) name of a mountain
háo to compare; to estimate
háo moat, trench, ditch
háo a trench (in warfare); a ditch, to soar; to fly, to roam
háo cry loudly, yell, scream
háo trench, ditch, channel, moat
háo to roar or howl (of beasts) frantic barks of dogs or wolves
háo oyster
háo xìa to shout, roar, terrify; swiftly