Mandarin Search: hou4

hòu queen, empress, sovereign
hòu (same as 厚) thick, deep friendship, to treat kindly; generous
hòu (interchangeable ) to linger; to walk to and from, to conceal; to cover up; to secrete; to hide; to cover over
hòu place in Shandong province
hòu behind, rear, after; descendents
hòu used in place names
hòu thick; substantial; greatly
hóu hòu marquis, lord; target in archery
hóu hòu conciliation; to come to an amicable understanding; compromise
hòu wait; expect; visit; greet
hòu gòu meet unexpectedly
hòu a name of a town in Henan province
hòu battlements, battlemented walls
hóng hòu a typhoon; great gale of wind
gòu hòu abuse, scold, berate, insult
hòu king crab
hòu hard to walk, lame; crippled
hòu to toil or labor sedulously
gòu hòu mǐn to desire for more money than one's rightful share
hòu tǒu zhěn sound of carts or stones (big things) knocking together, cross-bar in the rear of a carriage
hòu king crab