Mandarin Search: hu2

interrogative or exclamatory final particle
run swiftly
entire, whole
species of fox
wooden bow; arc, crescent
to cry; to shout; to howl
recklessly, foolishly; wildly
seed, kernel, core, nut; atom
qùe rǎn name of a dog in the period of Warring States (usually known as the magpie, jacklaw), generally called for dogs
(same as 斛) a dry measure 10 or 5 times that of a Chinese peck; a corn measure nominally holding ten pecks but generally holding about five, used in name of a place
jar, pot, jug, vase; surname
used in person's name
(same as ) (same as 糊) paste; to paste, sticky; glutinous, to stick
lùo (same as 糊) paste; to paste, sticky; glutinous, to stick
jar, pot, jug, vase; surname
dry measure equal to some five or ten dou ( 舒)
name of a county in Han dynasty; today's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region; southeast of Baotou county
hùo bottle gourd; calabash; pot
jar, pot, jug, vase; surname
a kind of monkey found in W.China
a lake; Hubei, Hunan; bluish-green
(same as 胡) angry, the throat, what? how? why? which?
be burned, to char (in cooking)
dig; turbid; exert; (Cant.) to shake
coral; person of virtue
cobalt; household iron cobaltum
choke, lump in throat; food stuck in the throat
lane, alley, side street
paste, stick on with paste
a kind of pigeon; treron permagna
type of oak
shine; clear and pure white feather (same as ) white, white but not pure
(same as 鵠) the the snow goose; swan, standing erect; standing quietly, target; bull's-eye
courtesy of a minority group in ancient times, to fall, drop, or go down, on one's knees; to kneel down
purest cream
hùo gourd shaped dates
muddy; dirty, eyesight obscured
a small orchid-like plant it bears white flowers a dendrobium
a big chest, a big basket for holding rice
júe qùe an ancient measure; a goblet; mean; frightened
cakes, (same as 餬) congee; porridge; gruel
porridge, gruel, congee; paste
guài húi méng unburnt tiles, earthenware
(interchangeable 觚) a writing-tablet; a square piece of wood, a corner; an angle; an edge
a quiver
(same as 餬 糊) congee; porridge; gruel, paste
(non-classical form of 餬) to live with another at his expense; to live by eating at another's table; to be parasite, congee; porridge; gruel, paste, to erase; to obliterate, to scribble, to use a fake in place of a genuine article; to deceive and swindl
beard, mustache, whiskers
a kind of pigeon; falcon
to move slowly and then swiftly (said of a horse), a swift horse, to neigh
hùi a small tripod of bronze with two ears (standard form 鏏) tripod of bronze with two ears; heavy three-legged caldron or sacrificial vessel