Mandarin Search: hu4

mutually, reciprocally
door; family
phonetic for 'te' (Japanese)
door; family, household
(non-classical form same as 互) mutually; together; each other (dialect) scratching or clawing to and fro
door; family
tiger; brave, fierce; surname
feather, plume; wings; rad. 124
freezing; stopped up, closed off
freezing; stopped up, closed off
freezing; stopped up, closed off
protect, guard, defend, shelter
fine stone; fine jade
Shanghai; river near Shanghai
to bale out water
rely on, presume on; persist in
㦿 a window, a small door, (ancient form 戶) a door, a household
to cry; to shout; to howl
(a corrupted form) net for catching rabbit
túo millet wine
blessing, happiness, prosperity
an implement to draw or to collect ropes or cords
wěn tablet held by someone having authority
tool to collect rope, a second name for spinning machine; spinning wheel, the tender shoots of the bamboo with a bitter flavour
escort, retinue; insolent
hùo bottle gourd; calabash; pot
coarse, crude; plant
a fierce animal of the dog tribe; with dog's head and horse tail; with yellow and black colors
Shanghai; river near Shanghai
unreasonable, to distribute; to make known; to circulate, book cover; book jacket, letter; correspondence
county in Shanxi province
to menace; to howl at; to bawl; (Cant.) final particle
xùe rosy clouds of dawn; rosy dawn, sounds of the fire
paste, stick on with paste
qùe (same as 雀) a general name of small birds, as sparrows, chickadees, etc.
hùo trap catch animals, snare; seize
hùo pour down, cascade down; look
hùo a pouring rain; to rain hard; to rain cats and dogs, a pair; a couple, two; both, to rain
to shout; to mourn to invoke
protect, guard, defend, shelter
dyestuff ( of dark green)
name of a variety of grass
leather cord that winding on the handle of a knife
hùo music