Mandarin Search: hua2

húa hùa hūa flowery; illustrious; Chinese
húa hùa to row or paddle boat; to scratch
húa yíng to gag or bribe; to satisfy one's appetite; name of an old book; (Cant.) to guess, reckon mentally; to bud
húa farm tools; a spade or shovel
húa kuài sly, cunning, crafty
hūa húa rushing sound; gush forward
húa an excellent horse
húa (simplified form) name of a mountain
húa tían wǎn fat of animals or plants, (same as ) fat; plump, fertuke, animal fats
húa spade, shovel, plowshare
húa flowery; illustrious; Chinese
húa crafty, cunning, shrewd; deceitful
húa slip, slide; slippery, polished
húa hún kǔan whole piece of or unbroken firewoods, complete; whole; undamaged; general, (same as 梡) a kind of tree
húa hūa hùa flowery; illustrious; Chinese
èn húa hùan hún (same as 餛) fluffy stuffed dumplings; stuffed dumpling with delicate flour wrapping; ravioli
hùa húa divide, mark off, lay boundary
húa name of a mountain
hūa húa rushing sound; gush forward
húa lavish; luxurious, wasteful
húa sword
kuài hùi húa irrigation ditch, trench; river
kuài húa sly, cunning, crafty
húa distiller's grains or yeast
hūo hùo húa open up, clear; exempt
húa hùa (ancient form of 華) Cathay; China, splendid; gorgeous; colorful; beautiful; luxurious, a family name
húa (non-classical form) luxuriant or exuberant of the grains (interchangeable 華) flowery; varuegated, splendour
húa noise, uproar; clamor, hubbub
húa spade, shovel, plowshare
húa a kind of fish; a flashing fly-fish in legend
húa an excellent horse
húa sound of chewing bones