Mandarin Search: huo4

hùo yelling sound of towing a boat, (the Sanskrit) to call out
hùo (same as 或) a certain; some, perhaps; probably; maybe, or
hùan húo hùo ice; icicles, cold; frost, crystallized
hùo goods, commodities, products
hùo húo harmony; peace; conciliation; to be on good terms with; kindly; mild
hùo húo harmony, peace; peaceful, calm
hùo or, either, else; perhaps, maybe
hùo (same as 禍) calamity; disaster; evil; misfortune
hùo bottle gourd; calabash; pot
gūi hùo silicon
hùo goods, commodities, products
hùo sound of something being smashed
hùo confuse, mislead, baffle; doubt
hùo misfortune, calamity, disaster
hùo sound of water
hùo vomit
hùo obtain, get, receive; seize
gùo guo gūo hùo pass, pass through, go across
hùo to weave silk fabrics with green color for longitude and white for latitude, silk fabrics from Yuyang
hùo (same as 壑) the bed of a torrent; a gully, a pool
gǔn hùn hùo jíe to turn; to shift; to move
hùo misfortune, calamity, disaster
hùo kùo (same as 擴) to enlarge; to magnify; to expand
hùo kǔa kùa wide open of the door, (non-classical form of 闊) broad; wide; width
hùa hùo the thumb, to split; to tear apart, sound of ripping or tearing, to cut open with something sharp
hùo to call; to summon; (Cant.) eloquent
hùo (same as 檴) a tree; material for cups, a kind of birch found in Manchuria
hùi hùo wèi vast, expansive, deep; dirty
hùo to open the eyes with astonishment, (interchangeable 矐) to lose one's eyesight; to become blind; blind
hùo gourd shaped dates
gúo hùo (non-classical form of 膕) the back of the knee, crooked feet
hùo sǔo quickly, suddenly; surname
hūo hùo húa open up, clear; exempt
hùo xùe to move the mind; agitated; nervous; to start thinking, melancholoy; grievous; mournful, (same as 驚) to surprise; to amaze, afraid; scared; terrified; fearful
hùo trap catch animals, snare; seize
hùo obtain, get, receive; seize
hùo pour down, cascade down; look
hùo hūo roar
hùo bed of torrent, narrow ravine
hùo a pouring rain; to rain hard; to rain cats and dogs, a pair; a couple, two; both, to rain
hùo cauldron, large iron pot
hùo shè (same as 魊) a cyclone; a whirlwind, a fabulous creature which supposedly hurts human beings by casting sand out of its mouth; ghost
hùo tree
hùo dye made from red soil; ochre
hùo hūo qùe to beckon; to urge
hùo yūe measure, standard, criterion
hùo a bamboo basket used to catch fishes
hùo harvest, cut grain
hùo to twinkle; bright light in glimpses; flashing
hùo broth
hùo yùe inch-worm; looper caterpiller
hùo (Cant.) a lump; measure word
hùo quickly, suddenly; surname
hùo lophanthus rugosus, betony
hùo cauldron, large iron pot; a wok
hùo in harmony; calm, peaceful
hùo music
hùo kùang to startle; to surprise; to amaze; to look at in surprise