Mandarin Search: ji2

𨸚 series, rank, grade
to assemble. to gather together
extend; reach; come up to; and
strike, hit, beat; attack, fight
léi to wash; to rinse; to clean; to spurt; to blow out
with purpose; with ambition; with the determination and courage to get ahead
lucky, propitious, good
level, rank, class; grade
draw water from well; imbibe
promptly, quickly, immediately
extreme, utmost, furthest, final
garbage, rubbish; shaking; danger
perilous, hazardous; high, steep
kernel, seed; enjoy, feast [?]
urgently, immediately, extremely
strong, robust; exact, correct
(a variant of 急) anxious; hurried; urgent; hasty
the bolt of a door; door latch
leather, animal hides; rad. 177
zhì zhī to go up to. flourishing a superlative
quick, quickly; urgent, pressing
to be weaked by disease; feeble; lean (a dialect) poor in quality
jíe clean, purify, pure
danger; precarious; perilous, lofty; high, to decay; to break; to snap
name of a plant, the roots are used for various purposes
bamboo box used carry books
illness, disease, sickness; to hate
zhé colar, the front of a Chinese gown, lapel of a Chinese dress worn by the literati in former days
spine, backbone; ridge
level, rank, class; grade
to go straight forward; (Cant.) to raise up
jīe stalks of millet, corn
(same as 极) a wooden frame (on the back of a donkey) for carrying things, (simplified form of 極) to exhaust, extreme; highest; topmost
tired; weary
(same as 飺) to reject food
jìe sigh, groan; loud laughter
(same as 瘦 瘠) thin; lean; slim; enacuated, a kind of skin disease, a chill, a cold, malaria, (interchangeable ) cough; chilly disease; catching cold
salute, bow; defer to, yield
jujube tree; thorns, brambles
spear; (Cant.) to cut, slice; grass-shears
to boil away; to boil over, boiling sound, sound of the flowing water, etc., (interchangeable 渫) rolling billows
tie it tightly, to lead an ox, a wart; a pustule; a pimple, a round lump
public opinion; clamour; noise, (ancient form of 雷); thunder, an organic compound (porphin); (porphyrins)
hàn jíe zhǎ (same as 嫉) envy; jealousy, to hate
with expedition; urgent; hasty, anxious; worried, respectrully serious; to take careful precautions; to do something in a serious manner, to love; to like; to be found of; to be kind to
assemble, collect together
jealousy; be jealous of
mountain ridge
to put to death to imprison for life
gather up, collect; edit, compile
oar, paddle
oil and grease; fats, the bursting of a wound
nǐan pèng ròu a whetstone, (a dialect) a corner; a nook; a crack; an opening; a cleft
to put away; to cease; store up
good graces; great favors, luster
extreme, utmost, furthest, final
fǎng hǎn mǒu zǔo (ancient form of 嗟) to sigh in lamentation; to lament; an exclamation expressing grief or regret; to exclaim, name of a hill
Codium macronatum
to wink, to shed tears
jìe plough
to become emaciated
zhà chà wax; candle; waxy, glazed; maggot; as a non-simplified form sometimes used as an equivalent to (䄍), meaning imperial harvest
(same as 亟) urgent; pressing
trample on, tread on
to sew in close stitches
a centipede
strike, hit, beat; attack, fight
(same as 㠍) a lofty mountain
a kind of black small bird
thin, emaciated; barren
jíe lofty; majestic, name of a mountain
to suck; to chew, to smear the mouth with the blood of a victim when taking an oath
a fountain or spring out from the underground
furze; gorse
danger; precarious, to fear, lofty; high, just; honest, to grind, to cultivate; to polish
name of a place (be famous for fine jade), a kind of jade
gather up, collect; edit, compile
take short steps
strike, hit, beat; attack, fight
(Cant.) classifier for hair
(interchangeable 革) urgent; anxious, hard, solid and durable leather, a leather whip
sound of rat; sound of insects
jìe record, register, list; census
jìe mat, pad; rely on; pretext
jìan death of a disembodied spirit; depraved
覿 see; interview; be admitted to audience
numerous; very many, large group of horses traveling in a line