Mandarin Search: jing3

jǐng well, mine shaft, pit
jǐng bowl of food; well
jǐng (a variant of 阱) to fall into a well, a pit; a pitfall; a hole; a gully, to involve; to entrap
jǐng cut throat
jǐng pitfall, trap, snare
jǐng hydrazine
jǐng cut throat
jǐng hole; pitfall, trap
jǐng tīng hydrocarbon
jǐng tīng hydrocarbon
jǐng gěng neck, throat
jǐng yǐng scenery, view; conditions
jīng jǐng eyeball; pupil of eye
jǐng neck, throat
jǐng warn; warning
jǐng rouse, awaken; become conscious
jǐng luster of gem
jǐng gěng neck, throat
jǐng bright
jǐng a kind of jade
gǔang jǐng fierce, rude, uncivilized
jǐng guard, watch; alert, alarm
jǐng (same as 警) to guard; to keep watch; to warn; to alert, quick; agile