Mandarin Search: ju1

chē cart, vehicle; carry in cart
qǐe moreover, also (post-subject); about to, will soon (pre-verb)
to dwell
chē cart, vehicle; carry in cart
to collect; to join together
colt; fleet, swift; sun; surname
an ape, monkey; to spy, watch for; to lie
river in Henan
jīan stop, prevent; defeated, dejected
gōu restrain, seize, detain
(an ancient form of 居), to dewell; to remain, to be in--of various states and conditions, to occupy, the course of one's life
live, dwell, reside, sit
zhā hawthorn
jīe net for catching rabbits
rent, lease; rental; tax
rocky, hilly, uneven
gōu to crouch; a hunchback
ulcer, carbuncle, abscess
jìu jīu qíu long and curved
to grasp or hold with both hands
chá zhǎ jīe bāo xíe sackcloth; female hemp plant
mountain name
to occupy, take possession of; a base, position
gōu yoke
numb feet; to limp
qìe weak, lame
osprey, fishhawk; hold back
a saw; to saw; amputate
lapel, border of garment; skirt
salted or pickled vegetables
colt; fleet, swift; sun; surname
a saw; to saw; amputate
qīong bow, bend; rear, raise, nourish
interrogate, question
a sea-bird with a white breast
jiāo xiāo qiáo spirited horse; haughty
zhōu zhǔ zhù sell; child, childish; nourish