Mandarin Search: ke1

clod of earth, lump of soil
cave, cavern
axe-handle; stalk, bough; surname
axle; personal name of mencius
inferior kind of jade
section, department, science
to jolt; (Cant.) to raise up; block
lǔo pile of stones
ē columbium
ē qìa illness, sickness, disease; pain
jía jīa hafnium
small, petty; harsh, rigorous
hái chin
axle; personal name of mencius
kǔan numerary adjunct for trees
ē a small cauldron; columbium (an older name for niobium)
lotus, water lily, holland
ē chronic illness; dysentery
hùa grain ready for grinding; grain
nest; hole, indention; den
jīa jía hafnium
kǔan grain, kernel
hái chin
(Cant.) classifier for plants or trees; a tree-trunk
doze off; sleepy
hit; collide, knock into; sound
ā actinium
kǔan grain, kernel
kùa thigh bone, hipbone; kneecap
zhūa empty
empty, hungry-looking