Mandarin Search: ke4

may, can, -able; possibly
léi to wash; to rinse; to clean; to spurt; to blow out
gram; overcome; transliteration
gǔo lǔo fruit; result
to dig a hole; to tuck in; to put the finger into
carve, engrave; quarter hour
respectful, reverent
guest, traveller; customer
subdue, overcome; cut down
section, department, science
corresponding; equivalent, cosiderable; to a great extent, appropriate, (same as 凹) a hollow, concave
to thump; to beat; to strike; to attack
subdue, destroy, overcome
(same as 恪) to respect; to venerate, grave and stern; of ornament -- splendid, imposing
lesson; course; classwork
mother horse
the woof of a woven item
è kǔn caves; grottos on the mountain side, collapsed in ruins; destroyed; to clash; to bump against
to seize; (Cant.) to block, obstruct
kùo to go to the very source; to search into carefully
to vomit
ke vomit; used in transliterations
with expedition; urgent; hasty, anxious; worried, respectrully serious; to take careful precautions; to do something in a serious manner, to love; to like; to be found of; to be kind to
favus, swelling of the glands, a lump; scrofulous swellings
to strike; to take in the hand
eat seeds; reproach; loquacious
kài abruptly, suddenly, unexpectedly
kǔa ingot; acrobatic move
jíe stone tablet
wine glass
chì xiào yàn (same as 歙) to gather the harvest; to gather together
jìa qìa blind, hollow-eyed, to look at
the woof of a woven item
lesson; course; classwork
gǔo kǔa ingot; acrobatic move
decigram; cg
mother horse
qǐa qìe to bite; use all the strength to bite; to gnaw, bones squeeze between teeth (could not be picked out)
kān niche, shrine