Mandarin Search: kui2

kúi stride of man; one of the twenty-eight lunar mansions
kúi (same as 奎) the stride made by a man, name of a star, a kind of tree
kúi qíu pàn cheekbone
kúi qíu cheekbone; path, road; intersection
kúi prime minister; to guess, estimate
kúi thoroughfare, crossroads
kúi chemical compound
kúi to care for; to concern about affectionately, (a corrupted form of 奊) slanting; not straight; curved (of the head)
kúi slippers, sandals; dance shoes
kúi wěi xíe (same as 刲) to cut open and clean -- as fish, to kill; to sacrifice, to stab
guài kúi (same as 恢) great; immense; enormous; vast; extensive
kúi (of a horse) lively; vigorous
gùi kúi poisonous insect, (same as 奎) one of the 28 constellations which ancient Chinese astrologers believed to control the literary trends of the world, (same as 蛙) frog
wěi gūi kúi high; lofty; surname
kúi lance
kúi in opposition; distant from; separated
kúi the calf; muscles; tissue of the part of leg between the knee and ankle, to stumble; to slip, the instep, to jump; to leap, a disease of the feet
kúi (standard, ancient form of 繼) to continue; to carry on, to follow; to inherit; to succeed to
kúi staring
kúi kǔi kuài chief; leader; best; monstrous
kúi sunflower; measure
hǔi kúi vipera russelii siamensis
cǎi kúi step on
kúi a kind of rice wine; sake, wine used in ancestral worshipping or in offerings
kúi qíu cheekbone
kúi the head bone of livestock, the shoulder blade; scapula
qùe júe kúi close, shut; watch tower
gùi kúi (same as 逵 馗) cross-road; a thorough- fare; a center from which nine roads lead out, to accumulate soil; to store up soilt
gūi xíe kúi hùa salmon; spheroides vermicularis
kúi (of a horse) lively; vigorous
kúi (standard form) a small pigeon
júe kúi lěi tǔi tǔo (same as 橢) oval; oblong; elliptical
kúi one-legged monster; walrus
kúi (corrupted form of 夔) a one-legged monster; a walrus, name of a court musician in the reign of Emperor Shun (2255 B.C.)
kúi one-legged monster; walrus