Mandarin Search: li4

𥝢 to take advantage of; sharp (of weapons); profitable; profit
𩔗 lèi kind, species; to be similar to
power, capability, influence
history; calendar
whetstone; grind, sharpen; whet
wèi stand; let stand; establish, set
government official, magistrate
beautiful, magnificent, elegant
used in onomatopoetic expressions
shì affair, matter; work
gains, advantage, profit, merit
strive; encourage
trickle, drip; strain; dregs
type of oak; stable
lìe perverse, recalcitrant, rebellious
dài subservient; servant; KangXi radical 171
a sore, ulcer; pestilence
foul and poisonous in confusion; out of harmony
cry, sob, weep
precedent, example; regulation
sound of rolling a boat
lèi class, group, kind, category
spouse, couple, pair
smooth; active; clever, sharp
a tool for brushing the thread, ornamental; brilliant
run over something with vehicle
zhì chì to leap over
remains; remnants
to surprise; to amaze, afraid; scared; fearful; terrified, grieved; distressed; grieved; distressed
mournful; melancholy; distressed; grieved; sad
scrofulous lumps or swellings
láo yùe chestnut-leaved oak; oak
(a simplified form) to strike; to tap, to shock
chestnut tree, chestnuts; surname
lùo kind of necklace
a kind of monkey
big stone
river in Hebei province; creek
smooth; active; clever, sharp
sound, noise; final particle
whetstone; sharpen
gravel, pebbles
(Cant.) excessively thin
the lichee, a fruit which grows in South China
zhí place in today's Henan province
a kind of plant
anger; rage; angry, (same as 戾) recalcitrant; stubbornly persisting in doing something wrong; cruel; despotic
è type of caldron with three hollow legs; name of a state; KangXi radical number 193
long grains
bamboo hat; bamboo covering
lèi tears; weep, cry
cry of bird; cry
lèi (same as 淚) tears
chī rare beast; strange; elegant
a pig-sty; a kind of medicinal plant
to sink; to fall, to entrap, to crush; to capture
(Cant.) tongue
grain; small particle
lìe twist with hands; snap, tear
unpolished rice; brown rice
ulcer, a sore; swelling and sores caused by varnish-poisoning; pestilence; epidemic, leprosy, (interchangeable 勵) to exhort to great effort; to urge
(ancient form of 瑟) a large horizontal musical instrument, usually have 25 strings which pass over bridges for tuning; anciently this instrument had 50 strings, but the number varies
scold, abuse verbally, curse
obstinate; to draw the fingers across; to steer
to calculate; the calendar
a scallion, small onion
thunderclap, crashing thunder
lùo walk, move
shiver; severe cold
vexingly verbose or wordy; prosy; complicated; annoying
shiver, shudder, tremble; tremble
river in Anhui and Jiangsu provinces
(same as 搯 蒞) to arrive, from; by; through, to manage; to undertake, to follow, thin; few, distant, idle
chí white jasmine
name of a mountain
(an ancient form of 栗) the chestnut tree, a kind of metalwork in ancient times
attend, be present; arrive at
the sound of the wind; bleak; melancholy
calendar, era
a kind of plant, can be used as dyestuff, material for making paper and coir raincoat, edible, Chinese pennisetum)Pennisetum alopecuroides)
light; bright, clear, intelligent; clever
take place, past, history
whetstone; grind, sharpen; whet
(same as 麗) beautiful; elegant; fair; fine
(same as 鬲) a large earthen pot, a large iron cauldron
xíe a gale; a gust of swift wind, timely wind
shí lóng nibble away; erode; eclipse
lǔo (simplifed form) a second general name for perch, etc.
(ancient form of 鬲) a large earthen pot, a large iron cauldron
calendar, era
stem of feather; quill
lìe name of a horse, horses in an ordered line; to travel quickly; to move fast; to hasten, tame, well-bred, to put under control
a blustering gale; violent storm
reach, arrive; manage
scattered or dispersed of grass and trees, (non-classical form of 蒜) the garlic (belongs to meat and fish diet)
name of a variety of grass
(same as 棘) the jujube tree, thorny brambles, a kind of date (with a sour taste)
(sama as ) fire
be subservient to; servant
take place, past, history
be subservient to; servant
strive; encourage
(same as 蔾) a kind of plant; the caltrop; caltrap
(same as 剆) to cut open, to strike against; to clash together
lìe a kind of jade
(same as 鬲) a large earthen pot, a large iron cauldron used in old time
lǜe lùo tickle; ticklish, funny
濿 cross on stepping-stones
(abbreviated form of 礫) small stones; pebble; gravel; shingle
a sore, ulcer; pestilence
lùo river in Shandong province
to curse, to swear and oath, incantations
lèi class, group, kind, category
lài a mountain in Jiangxi Province; southeast of Jingde county
chī leave, depart; go away; separate
coarse rice -- unhulled, (interchangeable 糲) coarse -- of grain
a kind of beast
beautiful, magnificent, elegant
trickle, drip; strain; dregs
(non-classical form of 蠟) wax
used in onomatopoetic expressions
láo yùe chestnut-leaved oak; oak
sùan xìan to die from disease
whetstone; sharpen
lùo gravel, pebbles, potsherds
type of oak; stable
shùo pretty eyes, to have a casual and short glance
the sound of chewing something dry and hard, sound of gnaw or bite
color of the horse
(Cant.) to stare angrily
(same as 皪) small stones, gravel, shingle
scrofulous lumps or swellings
spouse, couple, pair
lúo lǔo wood-boring insect; bore into wood
unpolished rice; brown rice
(same as 儷)a pair; a couple, luxuriant; lush; exuberant
lèi smoky, covering; to spread, cloth for covering food
a kind of turban used in ancient time
lùo yùe walk, move
zhí place in today's Henan province
run over something with vehicle
to jump; to leap; to bounce; to spring, to run over; to oppress
a fierce goat, a castrated ram
a kind of plant
(corrupted form of 蠣) oyster
shùn a kind of bird
shùo yùe melt, smelt; shine
to walk, agile; adroit, a method of wielding the brush in writing Chinese characters
(same as 鬲) cooking utensil used in old times, sacrificial vessel; a heavy three-legged caldron; huge tripod of bronze with two ears
carbuncle, sallow and emaciated, scrofulous swellings
thunderclap, crashing thunder
to adhere to; to stick together
lúan to search out; to examine into, (Cant.) to give an angry glances at somebody
gourd used as a ladle or dipper