Mandarin Search: luo3

gǔo lǔo fruit; result
lǔo pile of stones
lǔo bare, naked, uncovered
gǔo lǔo monkey
lǔo bare, nude; undress, strip
gǔo lǔo the solitary wasp
lǔo bare, nude; undress, strip
lǔo (same as 渴) thirsty, to thirst, urgent; anxiously (awaiting, etc.), (interchangeable 愒) to rest; to stop, to idle away (time)
lǔo fruit of plant; melon
lǔo (simplifed form) a second general name for perch, etc.
lǔo scrofula, swellings
lǔo shake; to toss, to wave; to sway, to row
lǔo lúo gǔo the solitary wasp
lǔo a tree with slanted branches
gǔo lǔo (non-classical form of 裹) to wrap or bind
lúo lǔo wood-boring insect; bore into wood
lǔo be bare; nude
lǔo ashamed; abashed; mortified; humiliated, few; little scarce; rare
lǔo lūo to split, to rend; to choose to rub, to wipe
lúo lǔo the horse-chestnut
lǔo diseases of dumb creatures, diseases of animals, illness; disease; ailment
lǔo (same as 梴 裸) naked, to strip; to unclothe