Mandarin Search: mang2

lóng lǒng máng dragon; symbolic of emperor
máng mountain in Henan province
máng mango (Mangifera indica)
máng beam
máng busy, pressed for time; hustling
máng méng páng shaggy haired dog; variegated
ēn máng (Cant.) skinny, tiny; to jerk, dangle
máng páng (ancient form of 旁) side, by the side of; nearby
máng wàng blind; unperceptive, shortsighted
máng méng people; subjects; vassals
máng wáng hǔang hūang Miscanthus sinensis
páng máng bulky; thick and large; confused
máng jargon
páng máng abundant; mixed
máng blend; variegated; striped
máng a mountain in today's Sichuan Province
máng point of sword; sharp point
máng sight blurred; obscure and dim; obscured
máng point of sword; sharp point
máng mén mèng (same as non-classical form of 璊) a red colored jade
lìan liáo máng from; by; whence, to undertake; to manage, to follow
máng (interchangeable 芒) a sharp-edged grass, the awn or beard of wheat, etc.
máng a crude saltpetre
máng hǔang vast, boundless, widespread
mǎng máng thicket, underbrush; poisonous
máng name for a workman who apply color in painting (in ancient times)
máng name of a variety of bamboo
máng mǎng high and steep, name of a mountain
chè máng shé tán tùo zùi name of a stream
máng point of sword; sharp point
méng mèng máng eyesight obscured; to feel ashamed
lóng lǒng máng dragon; symbolic of emperor
méng mēng měng máng cover; ignorant; suffer; mongolia
máng black horse with a white face
máng dark; dim; obscure, personal secrets