Mandarin Search: mao4

máo mào hair, fur, feathers; coarse
móu mào make; seek, get; barley; low
mào (same as 貌) manner; appearance; form; face; bearing
mào (same as 毛 芼) to select; to choose; to pick out
mào countenance, appearance
mào risk, brave, dare
mào dim-sighted; dull, bewildered
mào trade, barter; mixed; rashly
mào mòu risk, brave, dare
mào (non-classcial form of 耄)an old man of eighty, aged
mào (ancient abbreviated form of 瑁) a very precious piece of jade worn by ancient emperors to match tables borne by the nobles
mào máo to choose; to select; greens
mào insight (version) of jealousy
mào stinging; hairy silk fabrics
mào elderly person; very old, senile
hào máo mào consume, use up; waste, squander
máo mào (corrupted form) in contravention of; to offend (same as 冒) incautious, to risk, to put forth
mào (same as 冒) to go forward with eyes covered, to risk, to rush upon, to put forth, to issue forth
mào in contravention of; to offend (a superior, elder, etc.) (same as 冒) incautious; rash; imprudent
mào mèi (same as 帽)a hat; a headwear, a cap (of fountain-pen, crew, etc.)
mào thick, lush, dense; talented
mào móu longitude, lengthwise; length
貿 mào trade, barter; mixed; rashly
mào to ooze out; to well out; to spring out, to well up; flood tide; the water is rising
mào be jealous of, be envious
mào hat, cap; cap-like tops
mào to be held by the hand, to resist; to oppose
mào a tree; winter peach
mào restless
mào mèi fine piece of jade
mào name of plant; lush
mào mòu to look at closely; nearsighted; dim; indistinct vision
mào countenance, appearance
mào lush growth; dense growth of silky grass; fine grass
mǎng mào the sun are dimmed; darkness
mào (ancient form of 貌) facial appearance, manner; bearing
mào splendid, grand, majestic