Mandarin Search: mi4

cover; KangXi radical 14
sun; day; daytime
silk; KangXi radical 120
deep; (Cant.) to dive
Mi(luo) river in Hunan province where Qu Yuan drowned himself; to sink; used (erroneously) for
to have disappeared, avoid, not at all, not supporting by
to close; to stop up; to obstruct
to seep out, excrete
quiet, silent; in good health
mǐan disappeared, not supported by, to avoid, unable to see
seek; search
a kind of wine
mysterious, secret, abstruse
dense, thick, close; intimate
bíe secret, mysterious, abstruse
mèi bewitch, charm, infatuate
to look steadily at, ashamed, to look at ferocious
dense, thick, close; intimate
seek; search
to search for; to look after
mud; quagmire
mèi riddle, conundrum; puzzle
bad; poor quality of rice
be blinded
calm, quiet, still; cautious
(same as 謐) silent; quiet; serene; still, cautious; careful
cover-cloth, cover with cloth
míng mǐng drizzling rain; dark, obscure
water current; water flow
cover-cloth, cover with cloth
(same as 塓) to smear; to daub; to spread, to paint
to look for a short time, attentive vision
commonly known as mother in Wu
honey; sweet; nectar
mén mǐan to ornament; to polish; to decorate, (same as 捫) to feel; to touch with hands; to hold, to search (in one's pocket, etc.)
bèi (same as 褙) cloth or paper pasted together; pasteboard; to mount (paintings or calligraphics works), short clothes
(variant of 汨) name of a river in Hunan Province
hard to say or predict, difficult to speak out (for fear of embarrassing or paining others, etc.) not easy to express with words
a tree whose branches are placed on Buddhist graves
cover of tripod caldron
(a variant) water currents; flow water
cover-cloth, cover with cloth
míng emptied the drink completely, bean sauce; salted preparations
calm, quiet, still; cautious
mèi riddle, conundrum; puzzle
mài belt of the canvas top on vehicles
ropes; cords; cables
cover-cloth, cover with cloth
to look at in surprise, to gnaw; to bite (said of a horse)
mìe fine, thin stockings or socks
to feed a baby, to eat, food