Mandarin Search: mian2

mían roof; KangXi radical 40
mían a kind of punishment in Han Dynasty, name of chessmen in Chinese chess game(simplified form, a variant 罵) to curse; to revile; to abuse, to scold
mían mǐan mǐn close eyes, sleep; hibernate
mían cotton wad; wool; soft, downy
mían cotton; cotton padded
mían mǐn (same as 棉) cotton; (Cant.) a kind of fruit
mían mìan mǐn (same as 湣) posthumous title conferred upon emperors and eminent officials
mían ink (usually red) for imprinting of seals
綿 mían cotton wad; wool; soft, downy
míng mǐng mían mìan méng close eyes
mín mǐn mían hún a fishing-line; cord; string of coins; a paper or straw string
mían cotton wad; wool; soft, downy
mían to hear, to listen carefully
mían to hand or bow the head; to droop; to lower, low; beneath
mían unable to meet, empty room
mían dense, detailed, fine
mían (same as ) a tree, the bark of which is used in medicine-- Eucommia ulmoides, an awning of the house
mían twins
mían hair, (in old times) to burn a certain stick and then to blacken the eyebrows