Mandarin Search: mo2

negative, no, not; KangXi radical 7
scheme, plan; plan; be without
negative, no, not; lack, have no
gently touch with hand; caress
Huangdi's ugly concubine; nurse
trace, copy, duplicate; pattern
model, standard, pattern; copy
membrane; to kneel and worship
mái crafty; artiful
rub, scour, grind; friction
grind; polish; rub; wear out; a millstone
a beech tree
(same as 縻) to tie; to fasten; to connect
rice snacks
scheme, plan; plan; be without
to touch, feel with the hand
(Cant.) slow; late
black skinned bamboo
méi divide, disperse, scatter
partial paralysis; hemiplegia -- paralysis of half of one's body, very small; diminutive; minute
edible mushrooms
make into mince
demon, evil spirits; magic power
type of edible mushroom
(a standard form of 磨) to grind, to rub, to sharpen
to feed an infant by hand steamed bread
to feed a baby, to eat, food