Mandarin Search: mo4

𠬛 to dive under water
wàn ten thousand; innumerable
final, last, end; insignificant
bǎi one hundred; numerous, many
méi not, have not, none; to drown, sink
méi me not, have not, none; drown, sink
wife of the last ruler of the Xia dynasty
froth, foam, bubbles, suds
turban, kerchief, veil; wrap
smear, apply, wipe off, erase
mào risk, brave, dare
wěn drown
歿 die; death; dead
wěn die; death; dead
méi bright lights and illuminations of the fire, flames
mào mòu risk, brave, dare
the belly; the abdomen
mài blood vessels, veins, arteries
foot path between rice fields
a kind of animal ( of mule tribe) (same as 貘) tapir
mài blood vessels, veins, arteries
to smash rock
fodder, horse feed; feed horse
white jasmine
to gaze; to ogle to look at
socks, stockings
mài (non-classical form of 脈) the pulse, the veins or arteries
(ancient form of 莫) not, (standard form of 暮) sunset; dusk
mài blood vessels, veins, arteries
háo badger; raccoon dog
do not, is not, can not; negative
leopard; ancient tribe in northeastern China
silent, still, lonely, solitary
the panther; the tapir
desert; aloof, indifferent, cool
stocking; the Tungusic tribe
place in today's Hebei province
(same as 秣) fodder for animals, to nourish; horse feed; horse grains; fodder, to feed a horse
lonely; lonesome
membrane; to kneel and worship
eye disease, with noxious air on, disease of an animal, decayed sore
ink; writing
hēi be silent, be quiet
grind; polish; rub; wear out; a millstone
flour, rice flour
suddenly, quickly, abruptly
silent; quiet, still; dark
to spit, to cough, keep quiet; to keep silence; speechless; wordless
sickness; distress
(same as ) fire; flame; light
míng emptied the drink completely, bean sauce; salted preparations
frog, toad
nèi shé sùi zhé (same as 讘)hasty words, loquacity, for the sake of comparison (large to small; big to little, etc.)
mài drizzling rain; to soak-- used fig. of favours
the panther; the tapir
me ma be silent; final particle
hùa huái hùan rugged and uneven, to shrink; to recoil; to cringe
miǎo disregard, slight, disdain
(literally) to look but see nothing -- absent-minded, to regard as nothing
to look at in surprise (said of bird)
suddenly, quickly, abruptly
a kind of crab, (same as 蟔) a caterpillar
name of a horse, (same as 驀) sudden; abrupt, to mount the horse
sleepy; drowsy, to startle; to surprise; to amaze
name of place in shan xi province
edible mushrooms
a kind of farm tool
silent; quiet, still; dark