Mandarin Search: mu4

tree; wood, lumber; wooden
to turn upside down; to exert a great deal; to pull and drag, to implicate or involve
eye; look, see; division, topic
móu mào make; seek, get; barley; low
bathe, cleanse, wash, shampoo
tend cattle, shepherd
ropes; cords; cables
illness; disease; ailment
mǎng méi mèi dust; dirt; a smear, (same as 牧) name of a place in old times
fine (material, etc.) and delicate (workmanship, etc.) decorative design or pattern
nìan to meet at the bank; shore; beach; coast
diseases in the eyes
do not, is not, can not; negative
levy, raise; summon; recruit
friendly, amiable, peaceful
a beaugiful face (of a woman); pretty
móu jīu liǎo miào mìu wind around, bind; prepare
(same as 憮) to skip about; to dance for joy; to soothe, slow, disappointed
(corrupted form of 艒) a small boat
grave, tomb
curtain, screen, tent
a curtain, a screen
long for, desire; admire
fine rain, drizzle
evening, dusk, sunset; ending
majestic, solemn, reverent; calm
móu jīu liǎo miào mìu wind around, bind; prepare
(literally) to look but see nothing -- absent-minded, to regard as nothing