Mandarin Search: ni2

Buddhist nun; transliteration
nìe nìng mud, mire; earth, clay; plaster
shy, timid, bashful; look ashamed
(same as 尼) a nun, the mountains after which Confucius was named
maid, servant girl; cute girl
mud, mire; to paste, to plaster
ne interrogative or emphatic final; (Cant.) this
unhulled rice
feeble, tiny, young and weak
(same as 猊) the lion, a wild beast or wild horse which can do 500 li in a day
lion; wild beast; wild horse
state in Shandong province
a kind of head-dress wore in funeral rites in old days, fine clothes
a new-born child the whimper of an infant
to call somebody, (same as 泥) to beg; to entreat; to implore, to be bigoted; to adhere to the letter of the law; bigoted and conservative, poor ( speech)
to ruin; to destroy; to break down
a kind of animal; fur can be used for clothes
jíe the square peck-shaped box half-way up a Chinese flagstaff
nái a kind of sheep (goat) with curled hairs
reflection of rainbow
clothing and ornaments; an ornamental item; a decorative artical of a garment
lion; wild beast; wild horse
a cross bar at end of a carriage pole
Cryptobranchus japonicus; a salamander
rainbow; variegated, colored
ér pài young horse, stallion; male horse
Cryptobranchus japonicus; a salamander
fawn, young deer
teeth grown in old age