Mandarin Search: ni3

you, second person pronoun
we (Shanghai dialect)
thou, you
a kind of beast with long hair, other name for pig, fox, wild cat, raccoon
nìe nìng mud, mire; earth, clay; plaster
draft; intend, plan, propose
(Cant.) to crush, mash, grind
nǎi you (f.)
name of a hillside, name of a village, name of tomb of an emperor; name of a high mound
zhì intimate, close; approach
one's deceased father
a kind of head-dress wore in funeral rites in old days, fine clothes
fluttering of flag; romantic
clothing and ornaments; an ornamental item; a decorative artical of a garment
níng doubt, question, suspect
compare with, draw analogy with
water gushing out; bubbling up, waves sweeping over the flowing water
sweet-smelling; fragrant, tasty; delicious
draft; intend, plan, propose
xǐan one's deceased father
rán to fear; to dread; to be afraid of