Mandarin Search: pan2

qíang pán half of tree trunk; KangXi radical 90
bìan pán conical cap worn during Zhou dynasty
pàng pán pàn fat, obese; fatty
pán container
bān pán bǎn sort, manner, kind, category
pán tray, plate, dish; examine
fān pān fán pán to take turns; a turn, a time; to repeat
fán pán decorations put on the mane or horsehair, (standard form of 繁) many, troublesome, a family name
pán to move
pán belt
pán tray; turn, rotate; search
pān pán fān pàn surname; water in which rice has been rinsed; a river that flows into the Han
pán xúan tray, plate, dish; examine
pán large rock, boulder; firm
fán pán fàn a railing; a fence an enclosed place
pán county and lake in Jiangxi
pán píng turbulent (said of water)
pán (same as standard form 斑) speckles; spots; mottles (same as 磐) a massive rock
dùo kùo pán rúan sleeveless clothes
pán purse
bān pán a striped, poisonous fly
pán a bamboo basket for fishing, name of a variety of bamboo, thin and flat slips of bamboo used for weaving purpose
pán white, grey; corpulent
pán a tributary of the Wei river in Shanxi
fán pán complicated, complex, difficult
mán pán to jump over; to limp
pán mán lǐang to jump over; to limp
pán fán coil; coiling, curling; occupy
shěn chèn pán juice; liquid; water; leak, pour
pán big leather belt
pán pàn dressed hair in a horizontal way, variegated; grey-of hair
pán pàn (same as 磐) a great rock
bǎn pán (same as 搫) to move; to transport, to collect; to gather; to make a clean sweep of
pán (non-classical of ) dressed hair in a horizontal way, variegated; grey (of hair)