Mandarin Search: peng2

bǎng péng great strength; great power
péng friend, pal, acquaintance
péng luxuriant growth
péng bamboo cover for boat
péng (same as 妦) exquisite; fine; (said of a woman's figure) very full and voluptuous; buxom, used in girl's name
péng bēng bàng bǎng to propel a boat; to beat
péng whirling of dust in the wind
péng bèng bury
péng píng roar of dashing waves
féng páng péng come upon, happen meet; flatter
péng angry, (same as 恲) generous; unselfish; liberal
péng a bow stretched to the full; tensely drawn
péng tent, awning; booth; shed
péng name of ancient country; surname
bǎng péng (non-classical form of 榜) publicly posted roll of successful examinees
péng fabulous bird of enormous size
bèng bàng péng pole; beat
péng dusty, dirt
péng menorrhagia
péng pēng borax, boron
běng péng species of water plant; flower
péng (Cant.) classifier for walls; covered (with dust); to scatter (like dust)
péng a rite; a service; to worship
péng pēng splatter
péng pèng to swell; swollen, bloated, inflated
bèng jiào péng qiǎo a swellen corpse, swell
péng pèng type of raspberry; fairyland
péng awning, covering; sail; boat
péng dishevelled hair, (same as 碰) to meet unexpectedly, to collide; to hit; to touch
péng a land-crab
péng (same as 麷) to boil or stew wheat, to simmer ferment for brewing
péng unkempt hair; loose; flowing hair; (Cant.) 鬅鬠, to be slovenly dressed
péng a small land crab
péng fèng fabulous bird of enormous size