Mandarin Search: pi4

break wind; fart; buttocks
pàn a river
a kind of bee; black bee
bèi passive indicator 'by'; bedding
a farmer's hoeing fork
pái spleen, pancreas; disposition
bēi oval
law, rule; open up, develop
look askance at, glare at
marry off, pair, match; compare
bēi the castor-oil plant also used for other plants
júe (same as 絕) to cut short; to break off; to interrupt, to drag; to pull
qiǎo to cut or rip open
a kind of insect; golden beetle
something made of bamboo put in the bow case to pretect from damage
to split; to slash or rip open (by means of a knife), jewels or ornaments on a sword, to analyze; to study; to investigate
a ring of the horizontal front bar on a carriage; to control the wheel
pīe rippling; pour
ba bǎi cease, finish, stop; give up
out-of-the-way, remote; unorthodox
to beat the breast
bleach; wash, clean
the navel, the bowels; the entrails; the viscera, (same as 癖) chronic swelling of the spleen
a dry land in a river; an islet, tributary stream; an affluent stream
ugly, ghost; evil spirits; bogy; goblin; demons and monsters
glazed tiles, bricks
bài evergreen shrubs, ligusticum
metaphor, simile, example
bèi vehicles and garments (commonloy used in feudal times to reward vassals), covering on the crossbar at the ends of carriage poles, crank axle of a shade
open; settle, develop, open up
full; filled, full of air or gas, a heart full of (enthusiasm, sorrow, etc.)
(simplified form 鷿) a kind of bird resembling the duck; much smaller
Podiceps ruficolus (a kind of duck)