Mandarin Search: pu2

fall forward; lie prostrate, prone; servant
piáo simple, unadorned; sincere; surname; a tree
(same as 璞) an uncarved of unpolished jade or gem
support, help; protect; hold on
crawl; lie prostrate
kind of herb; type of grass
dried meat; preserved fruits
a kind of legendary tree
drink with others; drink heavily
a thicket
slave, servant, I
bèi herb, aromatic plant
(same as 僕) a slave; a servant, used conventionally for oneself, a charioteer
bèi grapes
(same as 濮) name of a river in Shandong Province, name of an ancient tribe in Hubei Province
a small; thin strip (of bamboo) net
hair knots in a mess
gambling game with dice
unpolished gem, uncarved gem
type of rush; vine
simple, honest; plain; rough
sound of pressing something down
bào (non-classical form 墣) a clod of earth; a lump of earth; a lump
a heavy mats of bamboo used for deep water fishing
chicken breast
county in Henan province
a kind of insect, snail family, snake family
hood or cowl
dates, a kind of oak; Quercus dentata, (same as 樸) a shrub (plant); thicket, strong and durable, a county in ancient times
(ancient form of 僕) a servant, a modest term referring to oneself
webbed feet of waterfowl
molds on liquids; scum
a kind of bird, a kind of bird good at casting lots or divining