Mandarin Search: qian3

qǐan qíu to take; to receive; to fetch; to take hold of
qīan qǐan area between waist and hips
qǐan shallow, not deep; superficial
jía qǐan (Cant.) to hold fast, press
qìa qǐan (same as 帢) a kind of cap worn by an officer in old China
lían lǐan qǐan (corrupted form of 覝)(standard form of 廉) to observe; to watch; to examine
qǐan jīan jìan cán zàn shallow, not deep; superficial
qǐan untamed and indocility cattle, huge; big; large
xían qìan qǐan qìe pouch; hold; content
qǐan qìan send, dispatch; send off, exile
qǐan reprimand, scold, abuse
qǐan attached to, inseparable; entangl
jìng qǐan qíu yǐng name of a variety of grass
qǐan attached to, inseparable; entangled
qǐan reprimand, scold, abuse
kěn yín qǐan gums
qǐan qìan a leather belt; a leather waistband
qǐan to chew; to eat, to roll round with the hand, cakes; biscuits
chǎn qǐan vinegar, smell of vinegar