Mandarin Search: qu2

be diligent, toil, endeavor
chá (non-classical form of 舉) to lift; to raise; to commend; to praise, entire; whole
he (Cant.)
to condemn; to sentence, to hold a hearing (on a legal case); to interrogate or question a prisoner, to whisper
gǒu gōu kind of aspen found in Sichuan
mynah; Erithacus species (various)
gōu to crouch; a hunchback
kòu narrow trail of path in the fields, a name of an old county in today's Yunnan Province
a Chinese family name, the timid look of a bird; (of birds) to look around, nervous (same as 瞿) shocked or scared
(corrupted form of 氍) fine woolen cloth, a mat used by the emperor in worshipping
ditch, canal, channel, gutter
gōu yoke
a wild boar; to fight
gōu gòu hook, barb; sickle; stroke with
the toad (especially in reference to the one supposed to live on the moon), earthworm
(same as 絇) ornamennts for the frontal part of shoes
yeast, leaven; surname
powerful; strong bows, the end of the bows
gōu gòu mynah; Erithacus species (various)
bashful; ashamed
a wattle or bamboo fence
suddenly, unexpectedly; at once
yeast, leaven
jade ring; earrings; surname
qún a hole; an opening, a cave, empty; hollow
(Cant.) 蠄蟝, a dragonfly
a kind of frog; a kind of sea turtle; with two horns; and pattern on the tortoise shell
a kind of animal
yeast, leaven; surname
name of a folk song in ancient times, used in girl's name
a halberd
fine woollen cloth; a mat used by the emperor in worshipping god
to gaze at in terror, a surname
a plant which resembles wheat but has no edible grain
crude bamboo mat
thin, emaciated; worn, tired
highway; thoroughfare, intersection
a species of mynah