Mandarin Search: qu4

go away, leave, depart
to go; depart
bend, stoop, crouch; to yield
júe (same as non-classical form 蛆) maggot
to close, shut the door with a bang, to soar, (ancient form 闔) a Chinese family name
to breath with mouth open
qìe to think; to contemplate; to consider, to pant because of fear
a vessel or utensil made of straw, grass or weeds, a kind of grass
chù bend, stoop, crouch; to yield
chù waste cotton, raw silk or cotton
curved piece of wood, to bend; to crouch, name of a tree, name of a fruit
alone; quiet, still
zhà chà wax; candle; waxy, glazed; maggot; as a non-simplified form sometimes used as an equivalent to (䄍), meaning imperial harvest
peep at; watch, spy on
cǒu zōu what attracts one's attention
(same as 覷) to see; to look at, to steal a glance; to glance quickly, to spy on; to peep at
alone; quiet, still
cǒu hasten, hurry; be attracted to
to spy; to watch for
peep at; watch, spy on
a plant which resembles wheat but has no edible grain
qiáo qiào the long tail feathers which curl up; to elevate; to raise the head; warped, (interchangeable 翹) long tail feathers, to raise, outstanding