Mandarin Search: rong3

rǒng excessive; superfluous
rǒng scattered, mixed affairs; duties; occupation business
réng rǒng a kind of grain
róng rǒng soft, downy; buds, sprouts
rǒng (corrupt form of 氄) fine hair of birds and animals
rǒng separate, partition
rǒng rǒu a son who is not so good as his father; good-for-nothing; a rotten apple, inferior; mean, busy with many different matters; no leisure, mixed; confused; miscellaneous
nìu rǒng róu silk fabrics with mixed colors
rǒng down
rǒng decorative, adorned, elegant
róng rǒng fine woolen blanket on top of a saddle; used as some decoration, (same as 氄) fine; soft fur
róng rǒng (non-classical form) ornaments of fine feather or fur (for decoration)