Mandarin Search: ruan3

rǔan jùan yúan ancient musical instrument: surname
rǔan soft, flexible, pliable; weak
rǔan weak, pliable, soft, yielding
è rǔan a hole; a cave; a pit, to digthe ground and build underground living quarters, to make smooth of the leather
nǔan rǔan to shrink; to recoil; to flinch, weak, soft and meek; gentle, (corrupted form of 耎) soft; weak, pliable
jùn rǔan to cut in two, to slash
rǔan soft, flexible, pliable; weak
rǔan young, tender, soft, delicate
ér rǔan fruit, plant, (same as 檽) a fruit tree; black date
rǔan a white opaque quartz used for ornaments
rǔan to manage or regulate the leather material, soft, hunting clothes (leather trousers)
nùo rǔan need, require, must
nèn rǔan (non-classical form of ) soft; gentle, attractive (same as 嫩) soft and tender, delicate, weak
rúan rǔan edible fungus from trees
rǔan eumenes polifomis, kind of wasp
rǔan flexible, pliable; weak, feeble
rǔan fairly prosperous, well-to-do; not very rich
núan rǔan ér nùo immerse, moisten; wet, damp
rǔan gem
rǔan a kind of musical instrument
rǔan vacant lot or space, soft land; land on the river side
rǔan eumenes polifomis, kind of wasp
gǔan rǔan (same as 䩪) saddle; rein and bridle