Mandarin Search: ruo4

rùo obedient; united
rùi rùo tiny, small; water's edge
rùo weak; fragile, delicate
rùo thus, so, like, such
rùo if, supposing, assuming; similar
rùo chùo person
rùo (Cant.) hot; to scald, burn
rùo state in Henan province
nǔan rùo (a variant of 暖) warm, genial, of weather, soft and tender, pleasant and genial
rùo the thin membrane between skin and flesh that protects internal organs or tissues in the human body, weak; fragile; delicate, flesh, meat
rùo the cuticle of the bamboo a broad-leaved bamboo
rùo cuticle of bamboo plant
rùo rushes
rùo burn
rùo a sardine
rùo light yellowish-green