Mandarin Search: shan3

shǎn flash; avoid, dodge, evade
shǎn concealed the stolen goods in one's dress
shǎn mountain pass; Shanxi province
shǎn flash; avoid, dodge, evade
shǎn mountain pass; Shaanxi province
rán shǎn (non-classical form) (said of some kinds of reptiles or insects) ecdysis; to cast off the skin; to molt
shǎn shàn to walk in an unsteady way; to swing to and from, to doubt, to suspect
xīan chān càn shǎn mix, blend, adulterate
shǎn uncertain; not yet settled, irregular, to raise one's hands, to exhaust; to use up, to complete; to finish, all; entirely; totally; completely
dǎn shàn shǎn chán to dust; a duster
shǎn swift; rapid quick; speedy, (same as 掞) easy; smooth; suave; comfortable
shǎn to glance at, to peep; glittering; to shine
shǎn swift currents; swift flow of water
shǎn chān sēn càn xīan a delicate hand; mix, blend, adulterate
ái bèi jìan shǎn shèn get the unborn baby goat by killng the mother goat
chè shǎn (corrupted form of 詀) garrulous, to whisper, to joke
cán chěn shǎn yǐn zàn zhàn (same as 蠶) silkworm
shǎn shàn to dodge; to ward off
shǎn shěn tàn the current of a stream, brave; courageous; decision with courage; (a person) of determination, swift flowing of the water currents, to float; to waft, to overflow
jiào shǎn yǎo (same as, non-classical form of 皭) pure white; clean; bright, usually used for person's name in ancient times