Mandarin Search: sheng3

shěng xǐan xǐng province; save, economize
shěng disease of the eyes; crime, fault
shěng to keep the mouth shut; to be careful how one speak, (non-classical form of 省) to examine; to watch; (Cant.) to scour
shěng earthenware (a basin; a pot; a bowl; a crock etc.)
shěng lean; thin; slim
shěng (same as ancient form of 省) a province, to examine; to watch, to reduce, to diminish
䪿 shěng xìn (same as 囟) the top of the head, the skull
shěng zhì to observe; to inspect carefully, leaking out, a measurement, (non-classical of 省) economical, a province, to save; to avoid