Mandarin Search: shu3

shǔ tǒu name of a place in ancient times
shǔ (a non-classical abbreviated form of 鼠) a rat, a mouse, squirrels, moles, etc., KangXi radical 208
shǔ sǒu a mountain in today's Shandong Province southwest of Mengyin county
shǔ glutinous millet; KangXi radical number 202
shǔ zhǔ class, category, type; belong to
shǔ hot
shǔ public office
shǔ rat, mouse; KangXi radical 208
shǔ name of an ancient state
shù shǔ shùo number; several, count; fate
shù shǔ shùo number; several; count; fate
shǔ to shake one's head, ugly, not in peace
shǔ a kind of tree (as willow) with big leaves and in red color
shū shǔ vegetables, greens
㻿 shǔ a kind of jade
shǔ tanning, soft leather
shù shǔ bright, light of rising sun
shǔ ill
shú shǔ short coat
shǔ yam, tuber, potato
zhúo shǔ bracelet, armband; small bell
shǔ zhǔ class, category, type; to belong to
shǔ yam, tuber, potato
shǔ (same as 襡) a long coat; a long jacket, the connection of the top and bottom of clothes
shǔ zhú (same as 蠋 躅) to walk slowly and cautiously; to limp