Mandarin Search: su4

early in morning, dawn; previous
accuse; sue; inform; narrate
cannot straighten up
go upstream; trace source; formerly
to shake one's head
sōu shù river in Shansi province
white (silk); plain; vegetarian; formerly; normally
pay respects; reverently
(ancient form of 素) plain; unornamented, white, ordinary, simple
dùi rùi sharp; acute, clever, vigorous
(ancient form of 粟) grains, millet, Indian corn
name of a famous horse
(same as 玊) jade with some defects, a lapidary, to polish gems; a surname
(simplified form of 潚) deep and clear (said of water) (same as 溲) to urinate, to immerse; to soak; to drench, to wash rice (same as 瀟) rushing rain and wind; roar of gust
quick, prompt, speedy
pay respects; reverently
(ancient form of 宿) ahalting place; to lodge for the night, to keep over night, to cherish, asleep and perching
宿 xǐu xìu stop, rest, lodge, stay overnight; constellation
rise up; raise up
(same as 泝) to trace up to a source, to go against the srteam, water
accuse; sue; inform; narrate
unhusked millet; grain
with expedition; urgent; hasty, anxious; worried, respectrully serious; to take careful precautions; to do something in a serious manner, to love; to like; to be found of; to be kind to
shùo go upstream, go against current; formerly
pay respects; reverently
model in clay, sculpt; plastics
turquoise kingfisher
to rush out of a den; rustling, whispering
model in clay, sculpt; plastics
bird's crop; wine pot
(ancient form of 肅) respectful; solemn; serious; majestic, neat and quite
guileless, sincere, honest
to feel about; to grope in the dark
wet; moist; damp
sūo contract, draw in, reduce
a local government post in ancient times
thin, small cut
the corp of a bird or fowl; fat
a house cricket
minority name
to start, tremble with fear
go upstream; trace source; formerly
curtain on a carriage or car
shùo accuse; sue; inform; narrate
(non-classical form) small trees; saplings
to beat; to strike; to attact, sound of beating or hitting, a handle; a hold; to hold; to take, to guard; to watch over
tall tree
to strike; to beat, sound of beating
arid; dry; parched, impatient; restless, fierce; cruel, sudden, a scorching heat
food in tripod; rice porridge
rise up; raise up
small boat
clover, lucerne
sūo contract, draw in, reduce
black colored grindstone or whestone
(of flower petals) falling
familiar with; skilled; versed in
name of a variety of grass
wrinkles; creases; folds
birds flying, sound of the flying wings
sūo walk carefully
shǔ tanning, soft leather
name of a famous horse
revive, resurrect; a species of thyme; transliteration of 'Soviet'
dried fish
turquoise kingfisher