Mandarin Search: tang2

táng Tang dynasty; Chinese
táng hall; government office
táng to ward off; to parry; to keep out, as wind, rain, or cold
táng crab apple tree; wild plums
táng (same as 棠) the crab-apple; the wild plum
táng (same as ) to ward off; to parry; to keep out, as wind, rain, or cold
táng pond; tank; dike, embankment
táng ward off, evade; parry; block
táng pool; not hardened, semi-soft
táng (same as 塘) an embankment; a bund; a bank; a dike, to generally the roads, (interchangeable 唐) the Tand Dynasty, abrupt; rude
táng used in girl's name
táng (ancient form of 堂) a hall, an office; a reception room, a court of justice
táng a kind of jade
táng to warm; to toast
táng (Cant.) to pull open (a drawer)
táng a kind of woolen textiles with curved pattern, a decorative ornament on an official hat
táng porcelain; porcelain ware; chinaware; china, a small bottle with ears
táng tāng chest; hollow space, cavity
táng a variety of millet
táng a kind of cicada
táng (large seal type of 堂) a hall; a reception room; a meeting-place, a court of justice
táng a thick ropes
táng sugar; candy; sweets
táng to fall flat; to fall on the face
táng carbohydrates
táng mantis
xíng táng sugar, syrup; malt sugar; sticky
táng a cover, a shade, a basket used to catch fish
tāng táng boring tool
chǎng táng of elm group
táng sugar; sugared; candy; crystallized sweetmeats