Mandarin Search: ti2

(non-classical form of 啼) to cry; to mourn; to howl, to twitter; to crow, to sneeze; a running at the nose
coarse pongee, kind of heavy silk
to rest from work; to take a rest
ladder, steps, stairs; lean
careful, attentive
sequence, number; grade, degree
shí hold in hand; lift in hand
look at, glance at; stare at
weep, whimper; howl, twitter
at ease
reddish color, red, brown
shí bird singing, (same as 啼) to cry; to mourn; to howl, to twitter; to crow
dike, embankment
sprouts; tares
darnels, tares
give forth sound, make noise
coarse pongee, kind of heavy silk
red paper, a small piece of thin paper, ropes; cords; cables
cǎn clarfied butter (regarded as symbol of Buddhist wisdom or truth), cream cheese, to sponge on others; to board
zhī happiness; peace; good fortune
(same as 蕛) a kind of grass, (interchangeable 稊) darnels, tender shoot of thatch (straw; couch grass)
to stop raining; to clear up, dispersion, a clear sky after rain
forehead; title, headline; theme
chí shi the metal tongue in the reed instruments, (interchangeable 匙) key, bamboo ware, (same as ) a clasp; a hair-pin with flat spoon-shaped ends, (same as 椸) a clothes-horse; a rack for clothes
reddish color, red, brown
antimony (stibium)
chì zhè (simplified form 螮) the rainbow
essential oil of butter
hoof; leg of pork; little witch
chí zhì paw
careful, attentive
crooked horns of the animal
cakes and biscuits
shì anchovy
the sheat fish
hoof; leg of pork; little witch a horse
forehead; title, headline; theme
name of a variety of grass, weed (in farming); to mow grass or cut weed
a kind of slippery long fish; with four feet; black color; a second name for Parasilurus asotus, small fish; fry, large carp
shì anchovy
a kind of hawk