Mandarin Search: tian3

tǐan tìan to lick; to taste, a mat, bamboo bark
tǐng tīng dīng zhèng tǐan raised path between fields
tǐan disgraced; ashamed; self-deprecating
mǐan tǐan (standard form of 忝) to disgrace; to insult, to condescend
tǐan to end; to exterminate
cán tǐan silkworms
nían tǐan (same as 年) a year, age, harvest
zhěn tǐan turns or twist; a switch
tǐan (same as 舔) to lick; to taste
tǐan turbid; muddy
tǐan (same as 腆) prosperous; affluence, good; virtuuous, to make strong -- as liquors
tǐan (same as 秈 覹) common rice; as distinguished from the glutinous variety or glutinous rice, (corrupted form of ) name of a place in ancient times
tǐan name of a place in ancient times
tǐan bashful; shy; ashamed
tǐan wine or any thick fluid of the best quality; (corrupted form of 靦) ashamed
tǐan zhòu (ancient form of 腆) luxuriant; abundant; rich; plentiful of food, brazen-faced; shameless, good; virtuous, protruding, as belly, etc., to go to excess
tǐan ashamed
tǐan prosperous; good; protruding
tǐan (simplified form of 靦) to face to face, to blush, ashamed; embarrassed
tǐan nùo no
tǐan tān lick with tongue; taste
shè shèn tǐan (ancient form of 社) god of the land, an association; an organization; society; community
nían tǐan tíe wěi a saddle-flap, trappings
tǐan ashamed
tǐan to obtain by hook
tǐan mǐan timid, shy, bashful
tǐan nùo nobelium