Mandarin Search: ting3

tīng tǐng paths between fields
tǐng tīng dīng zhèng tǐan raised path between fields
tǐng to stand upright, straighten; rigid
tǐng ingots, bars of metal; hurry
tǐng strips of dried meat, jerky; stiff and straight
tǐng tìng a club; a stalk; straight
tǐng jade tablet
dòng tǐng straight upward of the wheat and rice plant
tian tǐng straight
tǐng small boat, dugout, punt
tíng tǐng stalks of grasses, etc.
tǐng dìng ingots, bars of metal; hurry
tǐng yíng slow; leisurely, to delay; to slacken, silk ribbons
tǐng (same as 圢 町)boundary between agricultural lands, (in Japan) a street; a city block, ant hill; formicary, vacant land by the side of a house; a paddock, deer trace; deer track
tǐng tian straight