Mandarin Search: tou2

tóu head; KangXi radical 8
tóu tou head; top; chief, first; boss
tóu throw, cast, fling, pitch; jump
dòu zhù tóu tempt, allure, arouse, stir
tóu to cut; to cut out; to pick out; to scoop out, (same as 鄃) name of a county in today's Shandong province
tóu a cesspool; a manger, a trough; a flume; a chute, (same as 庾) a stack of grain, an ancient measure of capacity, a storage for water, (ancient form 逾)to pass over; to exceed
tóu to cut a strip of cloth; a breadth of material, (same as 繻) fine gauze, frayed edges of silk, silk torn into two pieces, one ofwhich was given as a credential and the other retained, a loose garment or cloak; fine clothes, the left over material after c
tóu zhù privy hole
tóu die, dice
tóu tou head; top; chief, first; boss
tóu Abutilon, grassy plant with fabres from which clothe is made
dǒu dòu tóu name of a variety of grass