Mandarin Search: tui4

退 tùi step back, retreat, withdraw
dìan tùi indulgent and without restraint, to abandon oneself tocarnal desire; to be dissolute; to debauched, to forget, slow; to delay
tūo tùi take off, peel off, strip
shùi tùan tùi tūo taxes
shùi tùan tùi tūo taxes, revenue, duty; tax
tùi yùe shùi molt, exuviate, shed
tùi (same as non-classical form of 嬯) to scald the bristles off a pig or the feathers off a bird
dǔo tùi shoe-cushions
tùn tùi strip, undress; fall off; fade
tùi keen or sharp; clever; simple and honest, sound sleep or slumber; a deep sleep, to wake up from sleep
tùi run away