Mandarin Search: wan3

yùan wǎn to turn over when asleep
wǎn yūan seem, as if, crooked
fàn wǎn to faint, to feel nausea, abuse; vilification
wǎn bowl, basin, cup
mǐan wǎn give birth child; complaisant
húa tían wǎn fat of animals or plants, (same as ) fat; plump, fertuke, animal fats
wǎn gǔan hùan to wash, to rinse
wǎn pull; pull back, draw back
fàn wǎn (same as ) (a variant of 碗) a bowl; a basin; a cup; a dish
fàn mǐan wǎn (same as 娩) to bear a son; to give birth
wǎn regret, be sorry; alarmed
wǎn amiable, congenial; restrained
wǎn night, evening; late
wǎn a bowl
wǎn yúan (same as 蜿) to creep; to wriggle
wǎn daub
gǔan wǎn hùan internal cavity of stomach
wǎn to string together, to bind up
wǎn night
wǎn hùan Anhui province
wǎn bowl; cup; dish
wǎn a kind of grain; sweet and round rice
wǎn sunset
wǎn the virtue of a gentleman; jade
wǎn bowl, small dish
gūan gǔan wǎn smiling; a kind of aquatic herb, clubrush, Scirpus lacustris
wǎn rocks; stones (same as 顆) a drop; a grain; a bead
gūan wān wǎn frontier pass; close; relation
wǎn mourn; pull; draw
wān wǎn creep, crawl
wǎn yùan yùn luxuriance of growth
mán wǎn a boat; a ship; vessel
wǎn to string together, to bind up
wǎn (same as 蜿) bends; turns; curves; turns and twists, to circle; to hover around, a name for the earthworm
wǎn stockings; socks, the sleeve
wǎn hùan carp
wǎn to writhe, struggle, squirm, wriggle; to be impatient for
wǎn yùan fairly prosperous, well-to-do; not very rich
wǎn (same as 婉) to obey; obedient; to comply, to console; to comfort; to soothe
wǎn to cast off the skin; to molt, skin
hǔan hùan hàn wǎn gǔan cleanse, wash
wǎn a woven instrument; a knitting tool, name of a variety of bamboo
wǎn a kind of phoenix-like bird
wǎn mán mèn sides or uppers of shoes to stretch a skin on a frame for a drum; (Cant.) to cover
wǎn (interchangeable 婉) good-looking; beautiful, with the eyes wide open
wǎn hùan carp
wǎn a (married) couple